Service Delivery



service delivery requires a contract scripted before any activity to be undertaken. A contract that will allow the provider and its customer to establish a relationship of trust so that everyone respects its obligations. 
This contract is primarily used to establish a safe and secure relationship between service provider and client. Likewise, through this contract, the written agreement formalizes the collaboration between the two contractors. Each to his own interest to enter in the contract their requirements and needs in the performance of the service. 
For the provider, the contract it will use to determine the nature of its service and the cost of it. There will note any steps to take so that its client can also check the progress of its work. As for cost, the fact of fixing it in the contract will be used for two parties to have no misunderstanding for payment at the end of the service . If it is a long-term collaboration, the contract will provide significant assistance to the claimant for a projection into the future financially in carrying out its task. In this way, it can organize to be more effective. 
The agreement will also allow the customer to know in advance the tasks that the service provider should ensure that they are following the price agreed. Moreover, action to take if problems should also be annotated in this contract.

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